Workshop Descriptions
The Seven Deadly Virtues – Major Bob Fay
Faith. Love. Family. Power. Success. Goodness. Generosity. Who among us wouldn't want to exhibit strength in these areas of our lives? It's hard to imagine this list being similar to the "seven deadly sins" that we strive to avoid, such as greed, lust and slothfulness. But even so-called virtues can be harmful to our souls if we are not careful about how we pursue them in our lives. The workshop will explore the fine line between virtues and vices, and seek to discern the difference between the two. Each session will uncover ways our flawed priorities and values can masquerade as healthy religious practices and goals. "The Seven Deadly Virtues" workshop will help participants recognize and remove the everyday stumbling blocks in their Christian walk that keeps them from true spiritual growth and vitality.

Trusting God Even When Life Hurts – Major Ruth Fay
Loving God, Obeying God but how do we Trust God when our life journey takes us on a hidden path of hurt and pain. Jerry Bridges the author of Trusting God began a lengthy Bible Study on the topic of Gods Sovereignty. What he learned changed his life. We will begin to explore the scope of Gods power over nations, nature, and the detailed lives of individuals; you'll begin to acknowledge His loving control. And as you come to know Him better you'll find yourself trusting Him more - even when life hurts.

Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption – Captain Katherine Clausell
This workshop will provide biblical direction for living a deep spiritual life in a shallow, materialistic culture. We will explore what the Bible has to say about “our stuff” and what it means to think “Christianly” about those things that fill our closets, garages and basements. We will explore our own insatiable hunger for material possessions and journey toward the counter-cultural lifestyle of contented satisfaction. We will engage in thought-provoking, yet simple projects that will help to realign our thinking and behavior as first steps toward living the “satisfied” life. And finally, we will make the case that we can all live more rich and fulfilling lives with fewer things.

An Inductive Bible Study – Major Carla Voeller
"Problems in the early church cause Jude to write a letter urging the believers to contend for their faith during trying times. What does God say about sin? What does God have to say about the day of judgement? What are His instructions for believers today? These questions and more are answered in the short but powerful study on the book of Jude."

Just Walk Across The Room – Chris Shay/Major Carol Wurtz
If you are a Christ follower, consider how you wound up in the kingdom of God. Someone somewhere pointed you to Jesus. There are people all around us that need to be pointed to Christ, yet as we think of others that we desire to see become a part of God's kingdom, the thought of evangelism causes fears to surface. Just Walk Across the Room is four refreshing courses presented in four simple sessions: The Single Greatest Gift, Living in 3D, The Power of Story, and Grander Vision Living. Just Walk Across the Room takes the fear and anxiety out of evangelism and teaches those of us who would not consider themselves natural evangelists to share God's story in a natural and joyful way. Come look at sharing Christ in a whole new way that is for everybody. You will be changed!